David Toguchi, Principal, ASLA

David Toguchi, Principal, ASLA

David Toguchi, Principal, ASLA



Design philosophy will not be discussed here.  Instead, for each photo of a particular project in the Portfolio section, I will comment on a portion of the thought process as revealed in the photograph.  Generally, when available, photographs of completed built work will be shown – the final product.  In this way you will see the actual built work, and hopefully gain a bit of an understanding of the design process, problem solving, and the in-depth comprehensive & holistic thinking devoted to each project.  Notice the devotion and attention to detail through to project completion, the different project types, scales, and broad range of design styles, all of which evolve from the particular physical setting, and the client’s & users' needs.

Finally, notice how everything fits seamlessly together into a unified holistic design – the surrounding environment, on and off-site relationships, plantings, hardscape, existing natural or manmade elements, buildings, background elements, humanistic, cultural, and functional aspects.  i.e., good planning and design is so much more than just aesthetics.

........and never losing sight of planning & designing for human spaces and people places.

David Toguchi, Principal, ASLA



David Toguchi Landscape Architects provides total landscape architectural planning and design services and has successfully completed a wide variety of projects, large and small, public, private, commercial, and residential.  The firm has established a reputation and dedication toward providing quality work, careful planning, and meeting the particular needs of the client.  One of his designs is showcased on a SUPERBOWL Commercial.  See the below link.

Link to the "Coin" on The University of Akron SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL

Generally, except for early conceptual design stages and some presentation renderings, project documentation is computer generated.  David Toguchi Landscape Architects also provides 3-D computer generated renderings and illustrations.



Prior to establishing his own professional design practice, David Toguchi received his BS in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University and is a registered landscape architect in Ohio.  David Toguchi is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.  David Toguchi has operated his own design business for over 20 years.

In the past, David Toguchi has worked for some internationally renown landscape architectural firms which include EDAW, inc. in Alexandria, VA and has served as the project designer and/or held major design responsibilities for notable projects which include King Abdulaziz University, King Fahad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  David Toguchi also has considerable experience in Construction Contract Documentation and Administration.

David Toguchi has over five years experience working in the general construction trades and in landscape design/build and is an experienced concrete finisher.  David Toguchi maintains an ongoing comprehensive thought process, thinking through how design items will actually be built and installed on site.

David Toguchi holds a U.S. patent on a curved bridge structure he invented and is shown on this website.

Link to David Toguchi Patent on USPTO Website

A unique perspective and an appreciation for architecture including an understanding of the importance of scale, proportion, and exterior spatial design, results from having an architect for a father, Fred Toguchi, FAIA, who taught design for 9 years at the former School of Architecture, Western Reserve University (now Case Western Reserve University), and who also operated a well respected architectural practice, Fred Toguchi Associates Architects, Inc., in Ohio.  Fred Toguchi designed the Nemeth Residence Home shown on this website.

Link to Fred Toguchi Bio



David Toguchi routinely revisits past projects, documenting durability, upkeep, progress, changes, effects of the environment, human forces, etc.  David Toguchi endeavors to remain up-to-date with the latest information on various related subjects through professional journals, reports and research specialists / experts at the Ohio State University Extension Service, the Holden Arboretum, the Secrest Arboretum, as well as other sources and has done his own research on various subjects.



I enjoy cross country skiing mostly locally and occasionally in other nearby areas of the Midwest and Canada.  It's revitalizing.  I enjoy many of the technical aspects of cross country skiing.  The motor isn't what it use to be.  But you can always improve on technique.

Different genres of music including some of the history.

Amateur/semi-professional photography.  I have taken all of the photographs on this website except for one photo of The University of Akron.  The vast majority of photos were taken with an old Pentax K1000 film camera.  Finally went digital in 2015.

I have tutored students young and old in math and reading at various periods of time for many years.  I am currently a volunteer tutor helping adults working toward their GED.